15 Ply Staple

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15 Ply Staple - ChaseTheFlavor.net
For those who are looking for a smooth warm vape, this is it. These staples produce a nice warm flavor, yet has great vapor production. 15 ply makes for a nice wide coil. Allowing for more surface area, creating great vapor production! What more could you ask for? Forget the hassle of trying to build your own coils. These coils are ready to vape, straight from the package
Staple Coil Specs:
  • 15* .4MM Kanthal A-1
  • 40 Stainless Steel
  • 3MM 5 Wrap



  • .10 Dual or .20 Single Coil


  • Coils are packaged by the set (1 Pair )
  • 3 step cleaning processes & inspected before shipment
  • Handcrafted in the USA


**Not to be used on series or stacked devices**
Coil resistance may vary (+) or (-) depending on the device being used & length of your leads. R&R Coils are intended for advanced users who are familiar with Ohms Law & battery safety

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