6 Core Aliens

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6 Core Aliens - ChaseTheFlavor.net
6 Core Aliens - ChaseTheFlavor.net


We all love those famous 3 core Aliens. How can you get any better than that? How about some 6 core Aliens! 6 core aliens will provide a larger surface area producing more flavor, and more of those clouds everyone loves. These coils will produce a nice warm vape that you will love, what more could you ask for?


6 Core Alien 

6* 30 N80

3MM 5 Wrap

.14 Dual Coil


  • Coils are packaged by the set (1 Pair )
  • 3 step cleaning processes & inspected before shipment
  • Handcrafted in the USA


**Not to be used on series or stacked devices**
Coil resistance may vary (+) or (-) depending on the device being used & length of your leads. R&R Coils are intended for advanced users who are familiar with Ohms Law & battery safety

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